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Plush toys teach you how to identify qualified toys

by:YouRun     2021-03-25
When buying toys in normal times, there is no professional instrument to check the plush toys, so how to judge whether the toys are qualified? The plush toy manufacturers provide some simple methods for the majority of parents. First of all, pay attention to the small parts of the toy, whether it is firm, whether it is larger than the AA battery. Many children like to stuff small things into their mouths. If toy parts are too small, accidental ingestion may occur and suffocation accidents may occur. The second is the rope on the toy, especially the elastic rope, which cannot exceed 22 cm. Non-compliant toys with ropes are very easy to entangle children's hands, feet, necks and other places, and severe suffocation accidents may occur, especially for children under 18 months of age. Finally, to ensure that the plastic film is safe and harmless, the national standard is: the thickness of the film must be greater than 0.038 mm. But no matter what the thickness is, there will be certain safety risks, and it must be kept away from children. are an indispensable good companion in children's daily life. However, children do not pay attention to hygiene when playing, and throw them everywhere. As a result, toys will be contaminated by bacteria, viruses and parasites and become infectious agents. Therefore, parents must pay attention to the cleaning of toys and regularly clean and disinfect toys. As for which method to choose for cleaning and disinfection, it depends on which kind of toy, it is best to do it according to the toy's manual. Usually, cloth type. made of plush can be placed in the sun, washed with water or coarse salt; wooden toys can be washed with boiling soapy water; toys made of iron sheet can be wiped with soapy water first, and then exposed to the sun ; Plastic and rubber toys can be soaked and washed with common disinfectants such as Longan 84 and Dettol on the market, then washed with water and dried. In daily life, parents should teach their babies not to throw toys at random. There should be a relatively fixed occasion for the baby to play in the home, and the children's toys should be systematically stored, and the toys should be collected and stored. Do not take toys to the kitchen or clean room to play. Teach children not to put toys in their mouths. Some babies like to play with toys while eating. This habit must be corrected. Parents must remember that children must wash their hands after playing with toys before eating.
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