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Plush toys should also be washed for environmental protection

by:YouRun     2021-03-23
Some plush toy enthusiasts know how to buy good plush plush toys, but they think that they can sit back and relax, ignoring that even plush toys with environmentally friendly materials, bacteria will easily exist after a long period of time, and they will be disinfected regularly It is very necessary. Plush toys can easily hide harmful substances such as bacteria, molds, mites, etc. If they are not cleaned for a long time, they accumulate more and more, which seriously affects our health. In damp weather, molds are rampant, and the plush plush toys will return to moisture if you are not careful, and a large number of molds will grow. For this reason, the child suffers and has allergic symptoms for several months. The little girl Li Cong likes plush teddy bears very much. In recent months, it has been the peak of the flu, and her cold symptoms, cough, fever, nasal congestion and other symptoms have continued. The elders just thought that the child was a normal flu, but after months of continuous use of cold medicine, she did not get any better. And the more serious the condition, so I went to the hospital for an examination and found out that the child was allergic to mold. But the young parents still have no thoughts about what mold is. The turn of spring and summer is the peak season for children with allergic diseases. When children are stimulated by external allergens, they can cause tissue damage or physiological dysfunction. This incident gives us a vigilance. The materials of plush plush toys should be cleaned regularly even if they are environmentally friendly. The hidden bacteria are invisible to the naked eye. Don’t wait until the virus invades to wake up. This is just to make yourself suffer. Before it happens, wash the plush toys regularly to make your life happier and healthier. Recommended reading: How to clean plush toys How to maintain plush toys
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