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Plush toys processing, the need to pay attention to small details

by:YouRun     2020-12-09
And to a baby boom, toy market unusually hot. Especially with changeful cute image can again at the same time as the pillow, the pillow etc. Household items. Also have good tactility of plush plush toys. Has a very wide range of consumer groups and market prospect. In such a good situation, each player manufacturer in plush toys processing upstream what need to be aware of, to make their products have been in an impregnable position. To be able in the rapid development of the market, grow up together with demand, rushes out more broader heaven and earth? Material and design of the plush plush toys here is not much. In their specific processing link, careful meticulous, can make beautiful toys. Can let the consumer see felt that have good sense. At the same time, it can arouse the desire to buy of consumer. Plush toys processing is the first step in the process of cutting, must be in accordance with the design proofing, precise cutting good as far as possible. In this way can a sewing and finalize the design to lay a good foundation for follow-up. Followed by sewing, be sure to sew a stitch fine uniform, such not only can improve the durability of the toy, also can prevent internal padding toy never close to overflow in stitches. Not only ensure the beautiful sex toys, but also can make the player has higher security. Plush plush toys processing of the outer surface of the follow-up work is in the toy to add some decorations. Add a few small items. These things make use more solid solid way of sewing. This will be better able to prevent the loss. Not only let the beautiful sex toys can have a lasting, also to a certain extent, improve its security. Above all is this kind of players need to pay attention to small details in the process of machining.
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