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Plush toys processing and the proportion of the market

by:YouRun     2020-12-11
Plush plush toys factory orders are generally the company or enterprise mascot dolls, perhaps everybody understanding of mascots has a certain bias, but think mascot is the Olympic Games, the World Cup. In fact this is not the case, now leaves business operations, the vision, in order to promote business, many businesses have also launched its own corporate mascot, also is actually own the cartoon image of the enterprise. Want a mascot, first of all need to be the mascot design, this kind of design, sometimes companies will find designers do their special design, the toy manufacturer only needs to be designed based on their image can be made, and some enterprises will directly make plush toys processing factory several design schemes are presented. Each has both advantages and disadvantages. Design of the enterprise, but they do not know the toy production process, there are a lot of time to design; And the design of the manufacturer to give, may be completely unable to meet the requirements of the enterprise so this will need more communication. How can the mascot dolls plush toys processing become a little star in the market? If the reputation of the enterprise, such as well known, like tencent penguin have natural market is much better. Or, the mascot doll is very lovely, will be able to get on the market a wide range of cognitive. Moreover, mascots represent the activities of the can for a long time, the frequency of operation, more can also promote the sale of mascot dolls, this also is the trick in plush toys wholesale.
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