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Plush toys manufacturers how to custom?

by:YouRun     2020-10-31

every enterprise development to a certain degree according to the company's image and characteristics of customized mascot, like tencent penguin, the enterprise culture, service and image are integrated into the mascot, can not only give the customer, can also give employees, also can play a propaganda effect. custom plush toys intelligent toy brand service gave you talk about how a process as well as customers need to pay attention to the problem, you need to do after custom plush toys, will be more understanding, will not be others pit.

a: plush toys factory custom service process

1: provide sample

the quantity of products that provide custom plush toys, deadline, pictures, specifications, technical requirements, such as material, fill or directly to provide samples of plush toys.

2: calculation of plush toys price

plush toy manufacturer after detailed understanding of customer needs, according to the demand of the quantity calculation according to the drawings or the original price of plush toys. Unit price is generally not including taxes and charges, the real price of the goods according to the final pattern confirmation.

3: proofing fee

according to requirements proofing fee is charged by plush toys factory, proofing fee can be refunded after order is issued.

4: a small kind

small sample given by plush toy manufacturer, to confirm to the customer. If proofing are not satisfied, the first sample can be modified to satisfaction, the first sample can be determined by both parties. Plush toy manufacturer, provide exact product unit price and delivery time.

5: sign a contract

after confirmed sample ready, both sides should conclude a contract for the goods manufactured, regular plush toys should get 30% of the total payment, special plush toys should be charged 50% of the advance payment.

6: mass production

according to confirm sample purchase material to start producing, waiting for shipment.

7: customer test

plush toys production is completed, the client can check the goods to the plush toy manufacturers, and took photos of bulk to confirm.

8: prepare shipment

after confirmed that most of the goods, the customer must pay the balance, namely arrange shipment.

2: plush toys to customize the customer need to pay attention to some problems

1: be sure to choose a qualified, formal, large plush toy manufacturer, toy brands have roots toys the 20th anniversary of the career, guaranteed.

2: look at the toy factory proofing samples effect how, can see on the plush toys for your business name or LOGO of the company.

3: if you through the picture or template custom plush toys, you need to compare the plush toys with their own intention of proofing products vary. If the sample do reduction degree is high, so the rest of the mass production is not afraid.

4: if you are directly using the product of manufacturer of plush toys, affix your company's LOGO, you need to pay attention to the samples, from fabric, embroidery, to fill level, all of the requirements are very strict.

5: make sure the delivery on time, formal honest plush toys factory delivery time is very strict commonly, can guarantee delivery on time.

that is plush toys manufacturers to introduce the plush toy order process as well as the customer need to pay attention to some problems, to ensure that all custom corporate mascot and plush dolls can have some own ideas and efficient method of cooperation. Plush toy brands was founded in 1999, has now been rooted the toy industry for 20 years, after 20 years of hard work, integrity, innovation and development, has now become domestic few, really smart plush toys enterprises with independent brands. Won: for ten consecutive years 'keep the contract heavy credit enterprise of guangdong province' and so on many honors, offers a variety of intelligent toys, educational toys, plush dolls, electric toys, cartoon toys, television, toys, services, children's toys to join the brand, optimization of intelligent toys.

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