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Plush toys manufacturers how to control the bulk order delivery date

by:YouRun     2020-12-07
Plush toys are special consumer goods, has a broad market both at home and abroad, the market demand is bigger and bigger, as a plush toy factory received a large amount of orders, in the premise of guarantee quality, how to control the goods time, to know the delivery is a toy manufacturer to increase credibility of the first condition. 1, the reasonable choice supplier toy factory needs according to different types of plush toys and credibility of suppliers, production capacity, plush material to determine the quality of high quality suppliers, and need to prepare 1 - Two alternative suppliers in case of emergency, not hurry-scurry, looking for material delay time 2, arrange the production according to their own factory production capacity, reasonable arrangement of production, and, when necessary, can take advantage of the plush toys outbound processing factory production ability, because now some toys made by factories in the scale of production can't keep up with the requirements of business growth, the demand for outbound processing plants in order to solve the enterprise urgent need 3 here product testing, product detection, not finished product testing, but the semi-finished products testing, and edge detection, do have a problem found early, don't wait for finished product after to find problems, then will need to spend more time to error correction, especially encounter some plush dolls process more complex products.
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