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Plush toys in where?

by:YouRun     2020-11-04

plush toys is the childhood toy for babies, aged from 0 to 10 years old, has a plush toy company. It is because the plush toy market demand is big, so a growing number of plush toys manufacturer to make the whole industry is intense, many merchants in order to earn more profit and fraud, jerry, lead to poor quality of plush toys, serious still can bring potential safety hazard to the child, so choosing a plush toy brands need to pay special attention to. Plush toy brands take root in the toy industry for 20 years, is the domestic few real smart plush toys enterprises with independent brands, on the basis of plush toys function, combine intelligence, puzzle, electric, and other functions, in China, in one hundred, the enterprise as the goal, with science and technology and innovation to improve life fun, plush toys next to tell you about what's good, and some problems need to be aware of when we select plush toys.

a: intelligence toys in where?

1: the high demand for raw materials

toys plush toys will do the fabric test, see if there is a heavy metal exceeds bid, high density requirements for fabrics, fabric density is the key to affect plush toys will be dropping.

2: can design custom

plush toy brands have their own traditions, unique design style, according to popular trend, popular cartoon and events every year, the World Cup, games and other important design some unique plush toys and mascot, there are many classic events and games, World Cup and Olympic Games both cooperation design plush toys.

3: strict quality control

plush toys, plush toys production for inspection, the inspection standards in addition to the appearance and shape, also for stitch density, lines and holes for inspection, to ensure that the green environmental protection, safe and non-toxic, feel is good, high playability, intelligence and educational, training children's abilities.

2: we pay attention to choosing a plush toys?

select plush toys need to pay attention to the fabric, sewing, fillers, such as the stability of the widget. Whether fabrics pass that test, whether there is peculiar smell, it is the parents need to be aware of. Good fabrics must be clean, not easy to hair removal, touch to let a person feel soft and comfortable. Sewing part of toys should be firmly, gently pull on both sides, whether the gap is too big, not easy to fill.

2: attention to the problem of bacteria

baby when I was a child, parents try to choose short plush velvet for baby toys. On the one hand, plush toys to dusty, and it's easy to long breeding ground for bacteria. Short plush plush toy is more convenient and clean, but also not hair removal, baby age so small, short plush velvet toy baby can prevent inhalation villi allergic phenomenon.

intelligent toy brand is not just a manufacturer of ordinary plush toys, but the domestic few real smart plush toys enterprises with independent brands, the production of various kinds of intelligent toys, educational toys, electric toys, plush toys, corporate mascot, the mascot for sporting events, is committed to be China's high-tech toys innovative brands, for ten years in a row 'keep the contract heavy credit enterprise of guangdong province', and through the Disney certification, is a very good independent brand, China famous brand, has won many honors, is the common choice of the fortune 500, 20 years professional ability trustworthy, welcome new and old customers advisory intelligent toys, corporate mascot, games mascot design customized services.

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