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Plush toys, if appear wool phenomenon harm to the body

by:YouRun     2020-12-03
Modelling is lovely and soft plush toys is many children love, popular children's love, so the plush toy makers of products in safety, health and cleaning will have very high request, of course, not all of the plush toys for baby, baby plush toy is to have cultured, especially under the age of 3, baby, if choose undeserved, is likely to cause harm to the baby, especially met some illegal businessmen to make & other; 3 without & throughout; Inferior plush plush toys, wool, can produce infection pathogenic bacteria to the baby, the risk of suffocation, how to determine whether a plush plush toys for dropping the inferior products, take a look at. Just stuffed animal wool plush toys in the process of production is the cause of the floating hair, scissors, side hair mouth did not clean up in time and the legacy of fiber content. Parents can be taken as usual after received the plush toy doll pillow as pat a few times to make it broken the hair off automatically, plush toys are not actually dropping, the after treatment for the baby can be at ease use. Can also dry cleaning after beating plush toys, look to whether can drop hair, if not MAO, shows off before MAO is floating hair, can continue to use. Such as cleaning after flap will drop hair, suggest not to continue to use, long-term holding the dropping of plush toys can cause respiratory infections, you should pay attention to is that the inferior plush toys is the use of 'dirty' cotton stuffing, easy to cause skin diseases or other infectious diseases. And the materials used is inferior plush, the plush toughness is not enough, easy to fall off, hair removal of the surface of the villi hidden dust, bacteria, and the baby after eating not only has the risk of suffocation, also infect bacteria.
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