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Plush toys how to choose?

by:YouRun     2020-11-04

plush toys which brand is good? Plush toys how to choose? In order to let you choose the high quality high quality plush toys, plush toys custom selection brand to introduce production plush toys need to pay attention to some of the problems, to avoid you buy inferior plush toys, can affect the skin and health, comfortable, plush toys quality qualification, good looks, this is the good plush toys.

a: plush toys how to choose?

1: check the plush toys smell and filler

select plush toys, we must open the packaging and see if there is a pungent odor, formal quality plush toy is no special pungent odor, check whether plush toys inside filler clean sanitation. Suggest you choose easily clean of plush toys and dolls. After purchase, home cleaning again to use first.

2: check the plush toys feel

pure PP cotton made of plush toys feels like a down jacket, feels very soft and very evenly, won't have any strange feeling, where both hands knead, only homogeneous soft cotton feel, this is a good material of plush toys. If you touch the plush toys feel bad, you can open the zipper, see the inside of the plush toy filler, for cloth, wire, rope and broken nails and other foreign material.

2: plush toys, which brand is good?

plush toys which brand is good? Is plush toy manufacturer, of course, the universiade provide mascot toy, gift after President hu jintao presided over the opening ceremony the guests and dignitaries, and sponsored many Olympic, world university games, Asian games, such as theme events and games mascot design, for ten consecutive years won the 'guangdong province abide contract heavy credit enterprise', won the China famous brand, outstanding independent brands, China's top ten toy brands such as title, is the leading domestic high-end plush toys brand, pig, super flash page, pleasant goat and Wolffy, bacon, folk ghosts of the bear and so on five big anime culture IP signing authorization, custom all kinds of film and television animation toys, electric toys, intelligent children's educational toys, customization, 20 years toys trustworthy brand.

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