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Plush toys factory are mainly distributed in which parts of the world

by:YouRun     2020-11-05
China is the largest country in the plush toy production industry, many export toy doll out as for the Chinese toy factories, early plush plush toys factory are concentrated in the big cities, such as: guangdong, shenzhen, jiangsu, Qingdao, etc. , with the development of the Internet as well as urban and rural gap between the rich and the poor is more and more small, more and more toy manufacturers move inland, let's take a look at the plush toy manufacturers are concentrated in which parts of the world. 1, guangdong. Shenzhen & amp; Dongguan of guangdong is one of the world's largest toy gifts production base, near Hong Kong, some European and American countries brand toy manufacturers are used to find in shenzhen or dongguan toy factory to customize or processing, the quality control is more convenient, so the plush toy factory mainly concentrated in guangdong shenzhen and dongguan. 2, jiangsu. Yangzhou yangzhou is the birthplace of the earliest China plush toys factory, but as a result of small family production factory, mainly the price cheap, modelling is simple, conform to the trend of conventional plush toys, toy development ability are relatively weak. 3, henan henan at present in China is also very professional toy production base, with the rise of heading back home, more and more people working outside of henan, returned home, with their own working experience, their own business, from henan began to have a lot of sophisticated technology, service, professional toy factory, with the integration of Europe and the United States and Japan and South Korea technology workers. 4, guangxi and hunan because urban and rural gap between the rich and the poor is more and more small and heading back home, there are some plush toy factory in guangdong - moved to the nearby two city - Guangxi, hunan, craft is the continuation of the European and American standards, so these two places out of plush plush toys quality also is pretty good. 5, hebei hebei is also one of the big origin of plush toys, but are in the majority with small family production factory, the lack of originality, give priority to with imitation goods, so relative price will be lower. 6, shandong. Qingdao, shandong province, Qingdao is Japanese and Korean brands of high-end plush plush toys production base, they not only have original development ability, in the process, fabric, colour is tie-in, production management is also a very high standard.
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