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Plush toys explain the points of attention of plush toys

by:YouRun     2021-03-20
Plush toys, many people don’t know how to choose when they buy them. They just take a look and feel that they are close to their eyes and the price can be purchased. Today, the plush toy manufacturers tell you what to pay attention to when buying plush toys. local. Plush toy manufacturers pay attention to one point: before buying plush toys, first clarify which age group you are using, and then choose different types of plush toys according to different age groups. The primary consideration must be safety. Plush toy manufacturers pay attention to point two: the soft plastic film (bag) of cloth and plush toy packaging should not be too thin. If the child puts a too thin film bag on his head or puts it on his face, when he inhales The nostrils may be blocked by the membrane, resulting in suffocation accidents. Three points for attention of plush toy manufacturers: The inner fillings and plush fabrics of cloth and plush plush toys should not be rich in impurities such as metals, chemicals or broken needles. Whether it is an adult or a child, there is a huge potential risk. Four points for attention of plush toy manufacturers: Whether the plush fabric on the surface is soft, comfortable, and skin-friendly, if there are fillers inside, see if it is a regular material (long and short filaments of chemical fiber, acrylic cotton), and whether the color matching is reasonable or not. Easy to shed hair. Note 5 for plush toy manufacturers: When purchasing custom plush toys for children under 3, pay attention to whether the plastic eyes and nose are firm, so as to prevent children from putting accessories in their mouths and accidental eating. Is the hair direction of the same color or the same body material the same? Otherwise, the color will be different under the sun, and the hair direction will be opposite, which will affect the beauty. Note 6 for plush toy manufacturers: Check whether the appearance is pleasing to the eye, whether the cloth position is symmetrical, whether the backlog of hands is soft and loose, whether the stitching of each part is strong, whether the toy accessories are scratched, damaged, and smooth. Note 7 for plush toy manufacturers: Check whether there are custom-made trademark plush toys, brands, safety symbols, manufacturer's communication address, etc., and whether the binding is strong. Note 8 for plush toy manufacturers: Check the inner and outer packaging to see if the symbols are common and whether the moisture-proof function is outstanding. If the inner packaging is a plastic bag, the opening size exceeds a certain range. It is necessary to have air holes to prevent children from accidentally covering their heads and causing suffocation.
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