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Plush toys custom still need to consider what problem?

by:YouRun     2020-10-29

front we have talked about how to make custom plush toys, plush toys in this paper main share plush toys custom custom manufacturer still need to consider what problem?

plush toys in our life are more common, although nowadays there are a lot of finished products plush toys on the market, but also has a lot of toys wholesale and individuals, enterprises will choose custom plush toys ( Corporate mascot, plush dolls, intelligent soft toys, etc. ) 。 So plush toys custom need to consider what problem?

plush toys custom first to determine the image, the image of the toys are often a factor of the more important. Will know how to plan before the custom design image, and see how much toys, determine in advance on design and style select, draw the drawings and samples, look to whether can meet the demand of production and processing. Toy image is the foundation, if good, didn't consider in the design, it is very easy to lead to problems later production and processing.

plush toys custom still need to consider what problem? From the perspective of industry are more important to the following two aspects:

manufacturer qualification, whether custom plush toys factory, custom-made plush toys quality effect, the cost of materials, the same kind of doll, plush toys in different plush toy factory produced products, its cost is not the same. Plush toy manufacturer on the plush toy material strictly, to ensure compliance with the safety standards of the quality of production.

in addition, the plush toy design method. How to plan the doll, graphically displayed in front of the customer, there is a technical requirements. Doll appearance, although is fixed, plush toys design technique is alive. Custom process, designers should fully consider plush toys skins for sewing difficulty, do the cutting wastage, keep the appearance beauty without material control and so on.

plush toys custom also some problems which should be considered the main share the above content. Dongguan toy factory as a professional manufacturer design, can provide technical guaranteed, no matter you are to be customized or let us design samples, plush toys custom manufacturer will give you a satisfactory solution.

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