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Plush toys custom safety standards

by:YouRun     2020-10-30

plush toy is not only the child's childhood toy, now many adult girl's birthday, many friends will choose to send some bigger plush toys, plush doll as a birthday gift, was deeply loved by different ages of people. Children's lack of safety consciousness, so choosing a plush toys must pay attention to product quality and safety. The plush toys custom brand will introduce you to plush toys custom safety standards, let everybody can choose to safe high quality plush toys products.

a: plush toys custom security and standard

plush toys, popular children's favorite, because there is such a soft and plush toys, can also accompany children to play, so the international standard is more strict to the security of plush toys. China GB 6675 requirements to plush toys on the small parts are as follows: such as toys, nose, eyes, buttons and other small parts should be under 90 n tensile force and not loose, otherwise, when children bite, pick these small parts, they are easy to fall down, swallowing accidents easily.

when buying plush toys should use hand to knead plush toys and feel the plush comfort, see if there are pieces of metal, nails, needles, broken glass and other unsafe goods, be sure to check out, to avoid harming children.

you need to do custom plush toys should choose good reputation, with the strength of plush toys manufacturers, in the event of quality issue, the consummation post-sale service is particularly important, can deal with the problem in time, reduce the loss, for plush toys of raw materials, production process, quality monitoring attaches great importance to.

nowadays plush toy safety standard requirements: must indicate the plush toy factory name, address, trade mark, use fixed number of year, safety warning signs, maintenance methods, standards, product certification, size 12. You choose plush toys, must check plush toys packaging for these content, to ensure normal high quality plush toys products in after purchase, to do plush toys custom service, also want to examine the strength of plush toys manufacturers from several aspects, honorary certificate, production case, after-sales service and so on.

high quality intelligent custom plush toys, optimizing 'intelligent toy brands', educational toys brand customization production all kinds of intelligent toys, educational toys, children's toys, plush toys, electric toys, film and television animation toys, games, corporate mascot customization. The toy has obtained 'pleasant goat and Wolffy', 'piggy page', 'bacon bear', 'super fly xia', 'folk art of ghost' and so on five big anime IP license, have corresponding image toys. All kinds of cooperation, has been for the Olympic Games, winter games, the World Cup, European championship, 27 games provide services such as university games. This year is the 20th anniversary of the establishment of toys, holds a lot of favourable activity and giving plush toys, welcome new and old customers to come to consult.

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