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Plush toys custom materials should pay attention to safety

by:YouRun     2020-11-04

many plush toys or custom to do is to do enterprise mascot custom company don't know which toy factory is searching for good, is worried about technical strength is not enough, also afraid of not having enough materials, safe environmental protection, and is not on time delivery, plush toys design lack of innovation, so everyone should choose have the production management, production technology, equipment, rich experience, plush toys quality assured toy manufacturers, a variety of events, corporate mascot, plush toys, children's toys, intelligent toys can custom design, advanced production technology and strict quality control, ensure each plush toys with high quality.

children leave the toys, suitable for children's toys are also varied, all kinds of electric toys, educational toys, intelligent toys, children's toys and so on. Plush toys is also one of them, should choose to plush toys, we must start from the quality and safety. Really let the children play to intelligence and healthy growth in the process of game toy, the baby's toys can make mind and body to grow better.

the baby was a little child, plush dolls toys cannot choose those little thing easily drop down, because there is no danger, the children could cause choking the little bite into his mouth, all the toys can't use the rope tied to the child's head to avoid the risk of sticking his neck.

baby plush doll need to select the long and short plush, General special yarn, yarn) Velvet, plush fabric, etc. , this is an important factor decided toy price. Some plush toys factory, fill the plush toys with inferior materials and cheat consumers. The baby play with the toy filler material should be high quality PP cotton, feel is very uniform, some toy makers the wadding is very poor, feel bad, and very dirty.

enterprises to make to order the mascot or a toy to customize, need to find a professional, responsible toy manufacturers, they don't want to make you money, rather than a true quality of plush toys for you as well as practicability and security considerations. Guangdong dongguan plush toys, enterprise mascot customization production, optimizing toy brands, for ten consecutive years won the 'guangdong province abide contract heavy credit enterprise', stay after the World Cup, games, and various sports event, by the local government as a backup listed by the enterprise.

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