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Plush toys custom manufacturer enterprise competitive advantage

by:YouRun     2020-11-08

according to the latest data, 1 - this year In August, China toy export value of 315. 16 $2. 4 billion, higher than the same period last year. 6 7%, far higher than the same period the national foreign trade. The export growth of 1%. Challenge the backdrop of the rise in the external environment, China's toy exports remained strong growth, further strengthened our country as the world's largest toy manufacturer and exporter of status. It is understood that at present the world's 70 - 80% of the plush toy is produced by China.

but at the same time, the quality and safety about the plush toys of children events also caused a consumer in a heated discussion. Recently, the China consumer association supervision and spot checks of the plush toys on the market. A total of 25 companies production extraction of 30 kinds of famous brand plush toys. Results 80% of the children toy samples of some products do not conform to the standards, product quality and safety concern.

is a high-speed development on one hand, on the one hand, it is the quality and safety problems, the Chinese toy industry can let a person glad to sorrow, the important cause of this phenomenon is related to the Chinese toy industry structure. As is known to all, China's toy industry brand concentration degree is low, resulting in a large number of small producers exist for a long time, it is inevitable to bring product quality the good and bad are intermingled, mud and sand flow together, such problems as serious homogeneity product design.

as upgrade toy consumption market in China, however, mass production of the same poor quality products have been difficult to meet people pursuit product diversification and individuation, new, strange, customized products become more and more popular. Toy industry opportunities, is through customized services faster, better meet the increasing personalized needs in the market. So three keywords to industry's future, but also from many toy enterprises generally lack of three elements: innovation + intelligence + security.

the three elements of each of the need to invest a lot of startup costs, operating costs and labor costs, and the traditional toys enterprises, subject to financial, human and model, both the coordination of the three key elements (rarely do. According to the author, the toy industry at present, only a handful of companies have all chain service ability, can balance the three elements in an all-round way. Old plush toy enterprise is one of them.

compared with other counterparts, focus on the toy industry for 20 years, set design, development, production, sales as one, is the domestic few real with independent brand of plush toys enterprises.

always pays attention to product innovation, has exclusive designer team and won many awards, game development team which owns more than 10 years of work experience, its professional service ability can meet the demand of customer diversified, can design a custom toy, and support for custom. Can be customized toys category is numerous, with plush material is given priority to, can be customized including animation, gifts, mascots, intelligent, electric toys, etc.

on the other hand, with Internet + intelligent product for development direction, the constant innovation and development, make full use of modern science and technology, implementation of toy fun, man-machine integration, on the content of science and technology to lead the new trend in the toy industry. Current intelligent toys, have been able to realize man-machine interlocution, English translation, mathematical calculations, data query, music on demand, education story, tongue twisters, weather query, knowledge interlocution, WeChat chat each other, idioms solitaire, phone call, toys pictures, preschool education function such as game, represents the toy industry's highest level of science and technology today. Toys did not stop there, however, continue to follow the era trend to develop more new functions of toy products.

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