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Plush toys ass what bead filler, have what effect

by:YouRun     2020-11-27
Friends like to play with dolls, I do not know you have found that generally take sitting plush toys can near the bottom in a small bag of grain, for everyone to popular science today why plush toys manufacturers can use this kind of particles, what this kind of small particles, have what effect. Plush toys ass grain of grain fillers is PE ( Polyethylene PE) Or the PP ( Polypropylene pp) , these particles because is to use PE ( Polyethylene PE) Or the PP ( Polypropylene pp) Broken, so is granular, toy manufacturers in producing plush toys will not come loose dress to plush plush toys, tend to use the T/C cloth into a small bag, loading the particles after sealing, and then plug in the plush plush toys, fill in the number of how many is on the design intent of various kinds of plush toys, plush dolls to decide. These particles tend to fill in the plush doll near the bottom, in order to prevent because of uneven filling PP cotton to keep toys, but also some plush toys manufacturers will be in the ball, Hand) After or palm ( The leg) Fill the particles, in order to keep the doll standing with hands and feet naturally prolapse.
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