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Plush toy manufacturer to tell you that at present the most popular toy modelling

by:YouRun     2020-12-08
Affected by foreign and domestic now will plush plush toys as a gift to the child's parents more and more, because of plush plush toys can play with your child, still can exercise the child's hands and the ability to take care of others, the more popular on the market right now what modelling of plush dolls, the following check the plush toy manufacturer! Ranked first, of course, is now very fire modelling of the main characters in the cartoon pig page, one of the most popular is the pig a page, page, the pig pig father George, a mother pig, pig. Trill often can see a lot in the short video about its products, but also bring the fire a lot of business. Ranked second, different teddy bear plush toy manufacturer production, because the teddy bear on market has big and small, in addition to like children, many girls are cute teddy bear modelling to conquer. Third, mermaid doll, plush dolls, how can you get the little girls loved less mermaid princess? Mermaid princess legend mermaid is every girl's dream in the heart, in the plush dolls now turn it into a custom manufacturer closer to the children of the doll, can play anywhere at any time with them, chatting, can complete the princess dream of girls. Fourth, HelloKitty plush dolls, HelloKitty is the modelling of the little girls liked, the mouthless cat although there is no any movie or comic support, but still became the children, especially little girls favorite goods, of course will be made into different styles by the businessman of the doll. Fifth, all kinds of animal image of plush plush toys, toy manufacturers caught the children generally like small animals, nature, design all sorts of modelling of animal figurines, a monkey, the rabbit, the lion, the puppy dog, the panda. 。 。 。 。 。 , image lifelike, lovely modelling, let a child fondle admiringly.
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