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Plush toy manufacturer doll custom how to profit maximization

by:YouRun     2020-12-08
The toy manufacturer of plush toys custom orders is not difficult, but the profit is very low, in fact, the profits of plush toys manufacturers can control myself, how to achieve the profit maximization. A, the quality that you make good quality, customer satisfaction, next time will still be looking for you, but will also introduce you to the customer, on the premise of guarantee quality, in the process of material purchasing, plush plush toys processing, such as cutting bed, machine embroidery, screen printing, etc. The factory according to your own experience and resources to control the cost, of course, these costs how much related to the number of customer order is. 2, low price if the customer after the price is too lower than our quotation, the natural profit is low, when communicate with customer, understand customer's industry, toys, custom purposes, in order to estimate the customer can accept the price range, most customers at the time of custom doll will have a budget, after the factory according to the understanding of the customer quotation, within the scope of customers are generally in a factory before profits after processing plush plush toys is the expected value. In fact in the plush toy industry profits less and less, there are still a lot of manufacturer is doing well, suggests the industry still has a market, see you how to operate, how to make their own profit maximization.
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