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Plush toy industry forward steps more and more difficult

by:YouRun     2020-11-23
Chatting with some colleagues recently learned that a lot of plush plush toys factory bosses clearly felt the sales this year is a year over the past 10 years since the atrophy, why will appear this kind of phenomenon? Now most of the plush toy factory is reduced by corporate profits, increasing the cost of the influence of both the lack of innovation and development of willingness to choose conservative management way - Fake, counterfeit products are lack of creativity and vitality of enterprise itself, consumers can't see more innovation, lift not cooperation intention; Plush toy doll market is at present larger and larger, more and more sales channels, many illegal toy manufacturers in order to occupy the market, especially wholesale distribution sales manufacturers, the price will be very low, low behind is cheaper materials, low-end, so disturbing to the development of the industry; To reverse this situation, we must first from the enterprise itself, while good control costs, develop more their own brand products, and then also need to do some adjust in marketing channels, to find the most suitable for their own way of sales.
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