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Plush toy factory plush doll custom process

by:YouRun     2021-01-11
Some successful enterprises will design some mascot to do publicity, there are a lot of enterprises will choose to look for the toy manufacturers custom plush toy doll, into the more their own enterprise culture in toy design, the propaganda effect last longer, cost is relatively low, that today we will talk about general plush toy factory custom plush doll what is the process. 1, the customer according to the custom of gift needs, through some network marketing channel to find suitable plush toy manufacturer, 2, determine the cooperation intention. 3, provide the number of processed products, and time limit for a project, picture, specification, material quality, filling process requirements, such as gift or directly provide the same. After 4, toy factory, detailed understanding of customer needs, according to the drawings or the same according to the demand quantity about calculating the unit price of a product, the unit price is generally not tax excluding freight, the actual do goods price according to the final confirmation model 5, according to the demand of the factory proofing fee, proofing fee refunded after place the order. 6, factory hit two small sample to the customer to confirm, such as pull not satisfied can be modified to the satisfaction, the two sides determine the prototype sample. Toy factory quote us products accurate unit price, time limit for a project. 7, after confirmed sample sealed samples, the two sides do goods contracts, normal product charge 30% of the total payment deposit and special product charges a 50% deposit and 8, batch production, according to confirm sample purchase material to start producing, waiting for the shipment. 9, customer inspection: the product production is completed, customers can come to factory inspection, or take pictures big goods pictures to the customer for confirmation. 10, preparation, shipment: to be confirmed after the big cargo, the customer need to pay the balance, namely arrange shipment.
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