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Plush toy factory direct sales channel present situation analysis

by:YouRun     2020-12-04
The Chinese market has been stuffed a loyal consumer groups, so do plush toys manufacturers selling in mainland China, channels and distribution mode is now more and more dispersed. And plush plush toys, now is not a coax children thing, it is a kind of culture on behalf of the form is also a kind of emerging industry. No matter online or offline, at very fast speed to form growth. The plush toys manufacturers generally use online to combination of production and processing, including marketing. Toy consumption in the past two years, all over the world average level, basically achieved, between ten percent and twenty percent growth rate, China is far beyond the other countries, with about 35% of high-speed growth efficiency to the top. According to the current employment situation, as well as the development of the economic environment, manufacturer of plush dolls are also gradually transition, in seeking to ensure the safety of quality, to integrate into the creative environment, the market will cultural elements depict into the spirit of the toy itself. Although at present, the second - and third-tier brand requirements, is also high, break up market has certain difficulty, but now the Chinese market, in this piece of the toy industry development, still have very good prospects. This no doubt and doll order in the form of direct selling in the future will be more diffused.
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