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Plush Slippers Boots Custom New Style Wholesale


factory price wholesale Custom new style plush slippers


Custom new style plush slipper




Polyster fiber PP


30cm high   750px






General appearance:


Natural, solid, alert, sharp, agile, energetic, roughly proportional in length and height, square.The head is strong, the size should be proportional to the body, the head is slightly wrinkled, and the eyelids are wrinkled and extend below the neck. This is one of the characteristics of the Chinese Shar-Pei dog.The tibia is well developed, and the muscles on both sides of the forehead are thick and thick, forming a straight line in the middle. The depression is moderate, the front is slightly shorter, and the mouth is slightly shorter than the head.


The ears are small, medium-thick, triangular, equal in width and length, slightly rounded ears, covering the head, pointing to the eyes, flat or slightly wrinkled.The hair is short and straight, strong, sparse, and has no undercoat.The solid color of the coating can change the hue. The light-colored dog extends from the neck along the midline of the back to a slightly deeper coat on the hips. It is coordinated with the overall coating color. The face is lighter in color, the nose is dark, and the color is no more than two colors: black, red, black, and yellow.


Height: twelve to twenty-two inches.

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