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Place the plush toy like this, it’s healthy, and you are healthy too

by:YouRun     2021-03-13

How about plush toys? Someone said yes! Because the plush toy is cute and cute, the shape is nice, soft and Q bombs, it is very comfortable to hold. So are stuffed toys bad? Some people say it's not good! Because the plush toys are dusty, attract mites, are not easy to clean, and take up space. That’s right, many customers in the past have taken care of stuffed toys, that is, stuffed plush toys may affect the health of children. For example, it is easy to contaminate dust, breed bacteria, attract mites, and irritate children. Skin. So are the plush toys really that unbearable? In fact, this is often related to our daily maintenance. According to the following method to install plush toys, it is healthy, and you are healthy too! 1. A dry environment is suitable for the breeding of many bacteria have one thing in common, that is, humidity. Plush toys are easy to breed bacteria because of their materials, so why don't we create conditions for the growth of bacteria? Therefore, when we place the plush toys, try to choose some places that are not wet and dry, so that we can reduce the growth of bacteria. 2. Since the outer bag is easy to attract dust, we have to insulate it from dust, so how do we insulate it? When placing the plush toy, we should not leave it naked. It is best to find a bag of suitable size and put it in so that it will not easily attract dust. 3. Dust regularly. For the plush toys that need to be stored for a long time, we should not completely ignore it. It is best to take it out regularly and dust off the body to avoid the accumulation of dust for a long time and the breeding of bacteria. 4. Airing plush toys on a regular basis does not require long-term cleaning, but regular airing is indispensable. Sometimes, airing plush toys is better than cleaning them. 5. Simple cleaning. It is okay not to clean the plush toys in a short time, but after a long time, they still need to be cleaned. Of course, there are many ways to clean plush toys. They can be machine washed, hand washed, or dry cleaned. Just choose the one you think is most suitable.

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