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Parents share how to buy baby plush toys

by:YouRun     2021-03-16
Many parents report that there are so many toys for infants and young children on the market, which makes people dazzling. Too blind is not enough, if it is too true, then all energy will be consumed on this, how can it be possible. Therefore, the plush toy manufacturer interviewed several fathers and mothers, and they would share how to choose baby toys. Mother Wang, who has just given birth, said that before the child was born, the family had bought a lot of toys, such as the plush rattles and bells that grandparents bought in advance, and they were taken out and hung near the baby. , That is very suitable, can make the baby feel the sound. 'When my baby was full moon, relatives and friends bought him some colorful and sound little things, and his aunt went to the mall to buy a small music box for the baby. She said that at this time, the baby’s various sensory developments are still evolving. It must be stimulated to a certain degree.' Citizen Dad Liu said. Mother Wang said that when the baby is three months old, parents can choose more functional toys for them. You can also accompany your baby to look at colorful pictures and some books, which is also a very suitable choice. 'The baby in the family is seven months old, and he likes to throw things and knock on things that they can see and touch. There are still quite a few small toys on the market. You can choose from this aspect when you choose.' Dad Liu said that playing with a baby is a very happy thing. What should not be noticed is that the objects should ensure their hygiene and safety. For nine-month-old babies, they have more contact and understanding of objects and sounds. Therefore, one thing they like more is imitation. At this time, babies need more functional toys, such as building block toys and electronic toys with music function, and drag plush toys with music function. It is recommended to choose wood as the main material.
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