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Overseas distributors generally choose China plush dolls

by:YouRun     2020-11-21
Theory is at home and abroad, the parents for the children of his own house when choosing plush doll first notice are hot. This makes the plush toy factory to widely welcome in the market. Now in the market by selling children's plush plush toys are usually soft plush toys. The soft plush toys made in China with good quality and low price, the design is novel, and the characteristic of product softness is ideal, so many foreign dealers choose to trust China's toy manufacturers to manufacture. Can be seen on the market, most of the children with foreign toy brands plush toy price is higher, but they are a lot of fans. Many consumers in the face of the plush toy brands abroad and domestic plush toy brands will they threw the choice of the former. In fact, the vast number of consumers are not clear know many foreign plush toys are made in China. Soft plush toys manufacturing generally need good wool cloth with soft nap, this probably only China can guarantee the quantity. When the plush toy exports, the export prices generally higher than for domestic dealers purchase price. For local protection reasons, plush toys manufactory manufacturing quality usually is the same, it is convenient to lower the price with domestic dealers compete with foreign plush toys.
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