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New Year's gift is a university asked, intelligent toy to action

by:YouRun     2020-11-06

' " The Spring Festival will come, treasure treasure mom dad for babies to arrange on New Year's gift? New Year's gift is a university asked, intelligent toy to action!

if you still worry about the gifts, might as well with small make up take a look at. Small make up recommend a few popular gifts for everyone: a high level, powerful appearance; Two security environmental protection, three moral, full is absolutely necessary for new toys.

recommend a: pig series intelligent toy page

if you would like to ask what anime most fire recently, so must be 'piggy page', while only a simple characters, simple plot, but it attracted countless children watch, show even more than the bears such big anime. The protagonist in the play - — Page, the pig is a fire from the drama to play outside. Small to two or three years old children, big to 80 after 90, everyone wants to have a pig page series of plush toys. And piglets page series intelligent plush toys than ordinary plush toys, then added more intelligent function, such as when use, only need to hold the key, recording hear 'drop' sound recording, the recording done will hear 'drops' two sound, press the play button, play the tape, then hold down the recording button, will remove the previous recording, recording time for 10 seconds. So fun interesting features, believe baby received such a gift will be very happy.

recommendation 2: super flash intelligence toys

it is base point with between the 'super flash animation, launched with' rodek 'and' small love 'as the leading role of the second generation robot. Rodek and small love has a very powerful features, such as reverse learning, idioms solitaire, children's calculator, weather query, ask questions, chatting, singing, general encyclopedia knowledge, telling stories, poems, recipe daqo, etc. , can exercise the kid's thinking ability; In addition, also have very humanized design, such as by WeChat public number and cell phone bound, to form a WeChat group, promote the emotional communication. The New Year, with rodek and a little love, the baby grow skill Get comprehensive quality!

recommendation three: pleasant goat series intelligent toys

about pleasant goat, everybody will not be strange, each role of the animation is very popular with children. To this end, we research and design a series of peripheral intelligence about the animation plush toys. Such as touch the pleasant goat 'enlightenment' series, the main function is the interactive games, guide the children to learn independently. This product can process through interactive games with children, promote children's brain development, development of the child's observation, memory, attention, thinking and other comprehensive ability. 'Smart mixed beautiful sheep sheep' series, in addition to guide children to autonomous learning, also has the function such as speech recognition, the USB download, remote control. 'Naughty a lazy sheep sheep' series besides can recite poetry, play music, you can also interact with children feeding, if you put the ice cream in its mouth, it will send out the voice of licking, very interesting. Small gray 'baby' the series, the main function is interactive, it can accompany baby playing house, let the baby feel mother's hard work. Have pleasant goat series intelligent plush toys, can let the baby in the year to learn to love and be loved, walk good growth every step!

a gift is a university asked, the weight of the one in your heart is light is heavy, the present can see clue. Baby gift, in particular, should take the practical, beautiful, safe, reliable, and can see that someone is walking more heart. And intelligent plush toys, each increase the function of intelligent, combining science and technology and education, recreation, is rare to find a New Year gift choice.

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