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'New Year' by intelligent toy bear children

by:YouRun     2020-11-11

in December 2017, has been in the past few days, 2018 coming soon, how can bear children stay darling, don't bother you? A New Year 'by intelligent toy bear children.

the intelligent toy list should be able to help you, a few intelligent toys, give children the best New Year gift, each can bear children not disturbing.

1, naughty a lazy sheep sheep

naughty a lazy sheep sheep will eat ice cream will cry, laugh, head, hand can swing, etc. , especially suitable for children under 18 months, the characteristics of naughty and lovely, can play, is a good partner, accompany children parents in no time, can put the toys for the children, let it to accompany children to play.

2, little doctor in our bacon bear

little doctor in our bacon bears have to listen to story guess idiom, encyclopedic knowledge learning, and children's songs, 3 big functions. Children just by clicking on the 'play' button, you can enter 'stories guess idiom' game mode, and according to the figures prompted for interactive game. Click on the 'encyclopedia' button you can enter 'encyclopedic knowledge learning' mode, this mode is by having the children learn to play outdoor sports cognition, animal life cognition, encyclopedic knowledge, improve their life common sense. And click on the 'music' button can enter 'children's songs, enjoy' pattern, let children bathed in an atmosphere of love, happy growth.

the New Year, children have a custom plush toys, no longer cry, accompany children smart, healthy and happy growth, faster come intelligent toy manufacturer, with a friend like toys go home.

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