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New technology of intelligent toys: booster education

by:YouRun     2020-11-10

custom plush toys become new varieties of toys into people's lives, as infants, children, teenagers and even adult entertainment tool. Intelligent toy became a holiday to be bestowed favor on newly in recent years, many parents shows the willingness to buy this kind of high tech toys for children.

after ten years of development, the market is rich in various types of intelligent toys, variety. Mainstream smart toys by touch, voice, image and so on interact with the user, and can even with the user's smart phone, tablet, notebook, such as connection, to further expand its function. Intelligent toys ability continuously strengthen two-way interaction with people, educational, health and education class intelligent toy constantly, expands the application fields. Intelligent toys started from the traditional, entertainment primarily from the function of the target, someone to apply it in education practice, and specially designed for education of smart toys.

English term for 'Smart Toy' . Although has experienced 10 years of development, but academia has not formed a clear definition. Foreign researchers define to the concept of intelligent toys are as follows:

is a traditional toys and intelligent toys collection of computer or electronic chips. Generalized intelligence toys have computing power toys, including toys are connected to the computer and independent with sensors and a microcomputer chip toys, it and other similar products such as video games, electronic toys and children's software has significant differences.

based on the research of the intelligent toys in children's learning, intelligent toy is defined as: by physical entity constitute a new form of toys and electronic components, can be done through two-way interaction between children and intelligent toy preset tasks, these tasks related to the specific teaching goal. This definition emphasizes interactivity and the characteristics of the default task of intelligent toys. At the same time, the study is based on interactive toys, intelligent toys can be divided into connected to the computer and independent toys; At the same time, depending on the type of tasks provided by the smart toys and it can be divided into behavioral tasks of two kinds of toys and cognitive tasks toys.

is a new toy with digital features of intelligent toys. It will be digital media and integration of traditional toys, through the use of multimedia and human-computer interaction provides a rich game environment. Toys can provide children with a variety of choices, such as intelligence, support the cooperation game, positive response and imagination.

smart toys have the ability to scalable, can be combined, can be used to improve the user's imagination, creativity, and cognitive skills, etc.

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