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More than 3 years old child what toys for play?

by:YouRun     2020-11-09

the well-known toys can promote children's intelligence. Through to the children's visual, hearing, touch, and the stimulation of motion perception, make all kinds of ability to get the corresponding development. Then the children over the age of 3 what toys for play? This is about to consider the child's interest, personality, age, interest, etc, to choose and buy to they like, has spilled on their good toys.

1, 3 - 5 children aged

pre-school children like to play with children, share toys. They like to imitate adult's behavior, such as shopping mall shopping, imitate the cashier and make a phone call, playing house toys, but also build some imaginary place/his role, such as shops, hospital, etc. For physical model also has a very strong interest, such as toys, traffic toys, electronic toys, plush toys, electric toys, dolls, etc. When children to his favourite toy is not only as a playmate, as their protector. The children often through toys to express confidence and emotion.

recommended intelligent voice toys: intelligent education beautiful sheep sheep

function: can tell stories to children, children's songs, tongue twister, cognitive enlightenment, tang poetry, guess the riddle, encyclopedic knowledge, music, traditional sinology, telling jokes, happy English, recording, the voice of 13 kinds of function can use U disk broadcast, download the content to the U disk, insert the USB flash drive USB cable can be played, function more than the traditional story machines more than 8 to 10. Use the remote control, at the same time of holding the play can be remotely, is a good partner with children.

2, 6 - 9 children aged

school-age children are playing in the process of seeking new information, new experiences and new challenges. With a strong sense of fairness, and social, in the age group of children are susceptible to peer influence, have very strong gender distinction. Advice to choose toys: intelligent robot toys, model, and to hold the assembly puzzle toys, household sinotrans, house decoration toys.

3、9 - 12 children aged

for September Age 12 years old child, the child of this phase is independent, they have gradually developed different personalities and interests, perhaps for toy preferences have their own ideas and understanding, in reading, science and technology, computers, handicrafts, construction model, performing arts, interested in sports games, etc.

smart recruit Peter pan (recommended by Rodek) :

function: animal cognition, small living encyclopedia cognitive, outdoor life common sense perception, cognition, outdoor sports music cognitive learning cognition, animal life, such as outdoor safety knowledge. Through the intellectual games, fully promote children various ability, such as outdoor safety knowledge, can cross the street at a red light? Open an umbrella on a rainy day can? Right, and then introduce the answer why? We need to do, solve the problem of parents usually don't know how to education child, beautiful design and attract the interest of children, is one of the best toys for parents and children interact.

3 years of age or older children what toys for play? Over the age of three children have a certain perceptual consciousness, is also the best stage of early education, parents buy some intelligent educational toys, children can develop intelligence, cultivate children's ability, give the children a happy childhood immortality.

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