YouRun custom plush toys manufacturer provide one-stop solution service for all kinds of plush doll customized products.


May YouRun offer warehousing services?
Dongguan Yourun Toys Co., Ltd., as one of the strongest enterprises among similar competitors, holds a completed and fine warehousing service system. We pay attention to the customers’ requirements and communication with our staff working in the warehousing services department. We have a complete infrastructure construction in the warehouse and reasonable warehouse space allocation and efficient utilization rate of warehouse space, which can benefit the administrator to store the products. And all those can ensure that we can provide an extraordinary experience for our customers, and this kind of service can also build our company’s brand.

China-based YouRun is among the domestic most recognizable company. We are mainly specializing in inventing and producing creative and distinctive big throw pillows for couch. YouRun is mainly engaged in the business of soft plush dolls and other product series. The product will not cause health problems like allergic reactions and skin irritation. It has undergone the high-temperature disinfection to be free of microorganism. It is beautifully designed and features realistic characteristics with air-brushed color accents. YouRun only manufactures high quality plush slippers womens. The high-quality filling materials will be very fluffy once they get dried after washing.

As a pioneer company, we aims to achieve higher in indoor pillows industry. Contact!
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