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Manufacture of plush dolls

by:YouRun     2020-11-07
Plush dolls can say is a favorite of many girls. Visions of the doll and plush toys girls grew up almost never stopped. There are a lot of people at the time of childhood sleep will hold soft plush toys to sleep. Soft hair to touch the soft baby body, think of is a beautiful picture scroll. Plush plush toys with the past than now had the very big change, the toy line is quite clear in the past, and children play feel is not good, also fail in terms of quality, now shenzhen toy factory production of plush toys are based on children now like animals or animation character design and processing, in the fairy tale and caricature processing plush plush toys look lovely, vivid, in many places are using three-dimensional fabric cutting, in the image can also achieve the result of simulation. , so to speak, whether from the process or from the technique, is used plush toys processing industry could not match. Toy factory processing, then, the inspiration comes from where? First of all, is the place where the children often play daily, here, the children always like to go to close to their favorite animals or amusement facilities, second, is often focuses on children's television programs, can be found in the replica of the animation and the character image, such as some mascot doll is made according to the television image.
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