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Let's understand the diverse world plush dolls

by:YouRun     2020-10-30
For children, one of the most attractive toys, is the plush toys. As we all know, plush toys production process, is given priority to with soft wool fabrics, made into all kinds of cartoon characters, or the appearance of the popular cartoon animals in the animated cartoon, in which then fill in the cotton or other relatively soft padding. As for the surface of the fabric, the main besides plush fabrics, such as cotton, soft and comfortable textile fabrics such as nylon can be used to make the cartoon animals or people & other; Skin & throughout; 。 Secondly, want to understand the plush toy factory, have to look at is its involves several types. For example, depending on the plush plush toys production steps, can be divided into stuffed toys and stuffed toys. Of course, this case, not stuffed toys than tend to fill some more high-grade and health. Because the stuffed toys of consumers cannot be sure of is the quality problem of the filling. And then, according to the function of the toy is different, and can be divided into simple doll toys and equipped with mechanical and electrical, inner core, intelligent electronic recording device of intelligent plush toys. In this way, will greatly improve the function of plush dolls to cater to consumer demand, whether to toys, or the person who can communicate through the tape to send toys thoughts of toys, can free choice.
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