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Let children learn to pack plush toys

by:YouRun     2021-03-14
As the years go by, the baby grows up early, and so does the number of toys. This second is playing in a car, and when you turn around, you find that he is playing with a stuffed bear holding a plush teddy bear, and lying in a corner is the car he discarded. Children don't know how to store plush toys, so parents have to work harder and clean up afterwards. However, if this continues for a long time, the baby will develop a bad habit. For the baby to develop a good habit, toys will give you a coup: Coup 1: Watch cartoons to learn toys. There are many examples of animation use in life on the market to guide and help children. We develop good habits. For example, there is an episode in a certain cartoon that teaches how to collect toys by yourself. The plush toys in the animation are anthropomorphized. The protagonist of the animation throws them on the ground after playing with the plush toys and ran away. The toys cried and couldn't find their way home, hoping to arouse the sympathy of the little master and send them back. Home; or the little master throws away at will, trips the little master directly when the little master is walking, so as to wake him up and put away the toys. Coup 2: Adults lead by example to collect toys. I once saw a netizen share how to let children tidy up toys: Adults should put away the toys that children play with, and don’t force the children to collect them with you. Over time, the children will be with you. Packed up plush toys. It is said that parents are the child's first teacher, and what parents do determines the child's behavior. If parents also develop a good habit of storing things in their daily lives, start from themselves and slowly guide their children to store them. Coup 3: Reward for packing toys is agreed with the child. Actively packing plush toys can be exchanged for rewards. The reward can be something that the child loves to eat, or what the child wants recently, or exchange points for rewards, but don’t directly use money as a reward. , This will make the child become a profit-seeking person. Coup 4: The method of commendation by name. A mother will do one thing before going to bed, which is to solemnly state her child's performance on that day. This is the so-called “method of commendation by name”. For example, Mom: Today I saw you put all your building blocks in the toy box, and put all the cars in the small garage. Don’t you like the mess at home? Baby: Yes, I also put all the story books in the bookcase. Later, the child slowly got rid of the bad habits.
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