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It's raining, remember to keep the plush toys dry

by:YouRun     2021-05-03
Recently, the weather has turned cold, and many people are holding soft toys while sleeping or watching TV. After a day of work, I hold a soft and comfortable plush toy, empty my head, and lie down quietly for a while, how comfortable it should be! Many white-collar workers choose this way to relieve one day's fatigue. However, it happened to rain for a few days in succession. The plush toy manufacturers kindly remind you to keep the plush toys dry in rainy days. On rainy days, there is water vapor in the air. If the stuffed toy is exposed, it is very easy to be contaminated with water vapor, which will slowly nourish a large number of harmful substances such as molds, mites and other harmful substances. Itchy throat, cough, red spots on the skin and other symptoms, severe cases can cause asthma. Some people may say that I am not afraid to cover the stuffed toy with a quilt. However, I forgot that the quilt is also a petri dish for various molds and mites, and the two are mixed together, which makes it easier to breed. This is the most unwise way. Moisture-proof secret one for plush toy manufacturers: plastic bags. When buying plush plush toys, keep the plastic bags well, so they can come in handy. Put the plush toys in plastic bags on rainy days, and seal the bag to prevent moisture from entering the bag. Moisture-proof secret of plush toy manufacturers 2: Storage box If you have a storage habit, put it in the storage box, and remember to seal the storage box. Or put moisture-proof beads inside. Moisture-proof secret two for plush toy manufacturers: Coarse salt Coarse salt has an adsorption function and can absorb excess water. Put the stuffed toy in the bag, put in the right amount of coarse salt, tighten the mouth of the bag, shake it vigorously, you will find that the stuffed toy will dry out after a while. Plush toys usually need maintenance and regular cleaning, so as to ensure that the plush toys are clean, so that our health can be guaranteed. Recommended reading: How to clean plush toys Do you know how to maintain plush toys?
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