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It is very important to kindergarten correct selection of children's toy

by:YouRun     2020-12-21
Baby kindergarten is inseparable from the toy, the kindergarten toy type many, into the kindergarten, we can find all kinds of toys, plush plush toys is also one of the choose and buy this kind of toy doll, should start from the quality, safety, choose what makes children in play the development intelligence, the healthy growth of plush dolls, such toys can make babies grow better. Kindergarten plush dolls can't toy with easy to fall off the small objects of choose and buy, because children have no sense of danger, will likely be small objects to the risk of suffocation bite to eat into his mouth; All toys have not can set the choose and buy the baby head bight, avoid trapping neck. Kindergarten plush dolls to choose the length of the cloth is high low-grade plush appearance ( Points and special yarn, yarn) Such as cloth of velvet, plush TIC, it is decided to a toy price is one of the important factors, some plush toys manufacturer shoddy, cheat consumer. Kindergarten mascot toys filler should choose high quality PP cotton, like the nine holes in the supermarket pillow core material, feel is good is very uniform, some toy factory with inferior the wadding, feel bad, and very dirty. Control the above requirements, basic can rest assured the choose and buy of plush toys products for the children to play with.
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