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It is necessary to know plush toy factory toy testing standards

by:YouRun     2020-12-08
Children common favorite toys, toy market developing rapidly, at the same time various plush toys factory production of all kinds of toys because all aspects of quality problem, harm to children also happen from time to tome, for plush toys produced what test standard? All countries have their own toy safety standards, among the common international standards ISO8124 toy safety standards, the United States ASTMF963 toy safety, the eu's EN71 toy safety, GB6675 - in China 2003 'national toy safety technical specifications' and so on, today we have a look at the eu's EN71 emphatically the toy safety. EN71 Part 1, mechanical and physical properties testing: mainly includes the drop test, small parts, sharp edge test, tensile test, stress test, ear, nose, eyes, seam tension, torsion test, etc. EN71 Part 2, flammability test: specifies all the plush toy factory in the plush doll made to ban the use of flammable material types and for some small fire combustion performance requirements of toys EN71 Part 3, 8 species of toxic metal elements content test: specifies the toys can touch the components or materials (transferable element in Antimony, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury, tin) The great limit. EN71 Part 4, the chemical experiment toys: including chemistry, biology, physics, microorganism and test in the field of environmental science and other toys, also rules the tag, the list of chemicals used and the requirements of the relevant operating instructions. EN71 Part 5, age group of warning labels graphical symbols: pointed out is not recommended for children under the age of 3, but possible dangerous toys to children under the age of 3 warning labels should be labeled with age. EN71 Part 6, finger painting pigment, finger painting pigments are presented. the permissible coloring and preservatives and its limit, and provisions of the eight heavy metal migration and limit the use of main aromatic amine, and the finger painting pigments in the physical properties of prescribed requirements. EN71 Part 7, general requirements for organic compounds, organic compounds of the general requirements & ndash; — Set in the following exposure exists in each of the migration of toxic compounds in toys or toy materials: total contact with the mouth; Intake may; Skin contact; Eye contact; The suction. EN71 Part 8, sample preparation and extracting EN71 Part 9, organic compounds analysis method
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