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Issue a pillow to sand adding the warm home

by:YouRun     2020-11-16
Many people like to put pillow on the sofa, because it not only can not only hold to keep warm in the winter, so you can also add warmth to the home. But now many of the shops selling hold pillow in the arms and soft plush toys price is very high, which makes many consumers away. The shop to buy the price of these toys so is so high, mainly because they are not directly for pillow manufacturers wholesale, the main source is from guarantee middlemen between manufacturers and boutiques, middlemen to extract most of the profit, sell boutique prices high, boutiques and sold to the customer price is changed, this is why you buy toys are so expensive. As is known to all, the pearl river delta is China's labor force is the most densely populated, manufacturing industry is the most one of the regions. In the pearl river delta region and number of dongguan for top. Dongguan toy factory has a lot of, they not only produce pillow and soft plush plush toys and mascot toy design. Due to the pearl river delta region and intensive cheap Labour, so in the production of plush toys labor cost is lower, the price of natural toys is lower too. In addition, because dongguan development is very rapid, convenient transportation, and is located in the guangdong area linhai, maritime traffic more convenient, is of great convenience to toy factory toy import and export trade. In addition to the above said several reasons, there is a very important reason is that the toy industry of dongguan itself develop early, have rich experience in design and manufacture of dongguan toy factory enjoys a good reputation both at home and abroad, it also provides the import and export and wholesale plush toy factory dongguan great prospects for development.
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