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Inventory of hidden safety hazards in plush toys

by:YouRun     2021-03-15
As the baby grows, there are more and more toys, and the sorting and storage of plush toys becomes more and more troublesome. As long as the child is at home, toys are everywhere. Just after tidying up the toys here, the chaos starts over there again. Don't stop thinking about whether the child will grab something and stuff it in his mouth. So how can parents not organize their children's toys so hard? Plush toy manufacturers will introduce several effective methods so that parents don’t have to worry about organizing toys. 1. Put the most commonly used toy products for children in the most conspicuous position. Parents should place the toys that the baby likes in a conspicuously low place, which is not only convenient to take, but also can avoid the danger of children climbing up to take the toys. 2. Find a larger place suitable for the game. Parents can place toys according to the suitable toy places of different toys, such as remote control cars to play outdoors, building blocks and jigsaw puzzles to be placed on the table. 3. Regularly remove and eliminate toys that cannot be used or are not suitable for play. Parents can eliminate those toys that are not suitable and too worn out, and at the same time, they must also clean out toys that do not fit the age group of their children, so as to reduce idleness of some toys. 4. There are rules for the display of toys. For the arrangement of children's plush toys, parents should put the heavier ones on the bottom layer; put the paper toys that are easy to get dirty on the upper layer. At the same time, you can also teach children how to label them, so that they can learn the habit of sorting and organizing toys. 5. Encourage and guide children to exchange and share toys and cultivate good habits. Parents can encourage children to exchange toys they don't want to play with with friends, and at the same time, they should be friendly and patient to guide children to collect their own toys, so that children can develop a good habit of independence. 6. Establish a toy cleaning day, let the children clean the toys themselves, parents can know that the children clean the toys, let the children turn the toy cleaning into a game, and improve the child's enthusiasm for labor. In fact, letting children organize and clean plush toys by themselves is knowledgeable. This allows children to learn to cherish toys during labor, and at the same time allows them to love labor and cherish the fruits of labor from an early age. With this kind of good atmosphere for children to develop and organize their toys from childhood, children will also organize their lives when they grow up. This is something that parents cannot underestimate.
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