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Introduce the washing method of plush toys

by:YouRun     2021-04-30
It is said that children are not suitable for playing with plush toys. Plush toys are prone to shed hair and breed various bacteria, molds, mites and other microorganisms, which can cause skin allergies, respiratory tract infections, and even cause major diseases such as asthma. The plush toy manufacturers need to 'rehabilitate' the plush plush toys here, and this 'pot' plush toy does not carry it. Plush toys are really not suitable for babies under 3 years old to play, because the baby's physical strength and other aspects have not yet reached the standard, and safety accidents are prone to occur. But if the stuffed toy is dirty and hides a lot of harmful microorganisms, there are ways to solve it, depending on whether you want it. Plush toy manufacturers introduce you to two washing methods. 1. The items needed for the coarse salt cleaning method: a bag of coarse salt (large grains of salt) and a plastic bag. Put the dirty plush toy in the plastic bag and put an appropriate amount Coarse salt, then tie your mouth and shake it vigorously. After a few minutes, the toy was clean. The principle is to utilize the adsorption effect of salt, that is, sodium chloride on dirt. Because table salt has a strong disinfecting effect, it not only cleans the toys, but also effectively kills bacteria and viruses. Coarse salt can also be replaced with baking soda, and the operation method is basically the same. When drying, you can pat the plush toy to make the fur and fillings fluffy and soft, so that the cleaned shape of the plush toy will be better restored to its original shape. 2. Items needed by the washing method: water, silk and wool detergent (or washing powder, laundry detergent), soft brush Put water and silk and wool detergent in the basin, and stir the basin with a general soft brush or other tools Stir out the rich foam with the water in the medium, and then use a soft brush moistened with the foam to clean the surface of the plush toy. Be careful not to get too much water on the brush. After brushing the surface of the plush toy, wrap the plush toy with a bath towel and place it in a basin full of clean water for repeated pressure washing. Or stick the parts of the plush toy with tape and put it in a laundry bag to choose the way of rubbing and washing. Remove the dust and washing liquid from the plush toys. Then put the plush toy in a water basin with softener and soak it for a few minutes, and then press and wash it several times in a water basin filled with clear water until the water in the basin turns from turbidity to clear. Wrap the cleaned plush toys with bath towels, put them in the washing machine and gently dehydrate them. After the dehydrated plush toys are reshaped and combed, they are placed in a ventilated place to dry.
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