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Intelligent toys era, how to choose suitable for baby's toys?

by:YouRun     2020-11-10

smart toys era, how to choose suitable for baby toys? This is at present a lot of parents friend headache problems when it comes to choosing toys, many babies always have new wish, buy different intelligent toys, toy is actually each child, the nature of love is a child grow up grow indispensable partner on the road, is also the children learn textbooks, knowledge and wisdom to the children, help children shape unique personality. Then to share how to choose suitable for baby toys:

once, on a international toy fair, many viewers with advice: 'if you can produce a voice control toys, without the use of mobile phones, without the aid of other third-party equipment directly to electricity, realize the man-machine dialogue, it would be good! Today, was already in the intelligent toy industry through its 20th year, also accumulated a lot of service customers, voice control scheme has great achievements in many fields.

the traditional toy industry has entered into the red sea, intelligent toy in the blue ocean, who can take advantage, who can have the huge share of the market! What kind of toy called on intelligence? I felt the need to satisfy the following three conditions:

1, meet the child's curiosity, fun exploring

2, meet the children a sense of achievement, in the positive feedback have fun

3, meet the demand of the child's social, fun to play

can meet the first called toys, satisfy the three conditions, is a custom plush toys. Very as parents for children may feel this way, the toys have a high mountain at home, but no one is a child really fondle admiringly, often bought a new, less than two minutes to play, lost to one side, at the end of the home can be a toy store. Many parents might also bought high-end home atmosphere grade of intelligent robot, a few adults may have to modify the along while, just know how to play the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), these are smart, but it is not kids need toys, children although small, but also have emotional needs, also need a sense of accomplishment, a sense of achievement from the conquest of toys, such as: play, will learn, also can show his talent in front of the grown-ups!

technology offers a variety of intelligent toys: human-computer interaction function, cell phone, voice recognition, singing to tell stories to let children learn to grow in the play.

in addition, also provide other solutions such as: color recognition scheme, to cultivate children's cognitive ability: color

singing stories:

close skin soft, 360 degrees with soft scheme:

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