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Intelligent toy market analysis

by:YouRun     2020-11-11

custom plush toys market analysis, with the toys to the high-end product development, research and development technology and practical toys gradually become the industry recognized protection barriers, strive to improve product technology content and control the cost of the product, to adapt to the market demand, toy 'unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) enterprises improve their core competitiveness, can win in this battle.

in 2016, the Chinese toy industry growth is strong, contrary to the development trend of China light industry recently. In 2016 China's exports fell by 7. 7%, imports fell by 5. 5%. The toy exports increased by 9. Increased by 23% 5% and imports. Although India and Vietnam at a low cost of production has attracted many investors, but as a result of China's toy manufacturing process is good, and the vigorous development of the toy consumption market, China's toy market prospect is good. In view of China's toy industry maturity, foreign investors to enter the Chinese market, to compete with mature enterprise, must develop a strategic plan.

generally, foreign brands in the high-end toys market dominant, controlling the low-end market and domestic brands. Interactive electronic toys than traditional toys ( Such as action figures, intelligent toys, etc. ) More popular, growth is more faster. Especially to the interactive and toys with education effect is the most popular with parents. In addition, consumers of all ages to cartoon plush dolls 'resistance', both children and adults. Although Chinese cartoon characters are gradually into the line of sight of people, but this industry of Japan and the United States is still the dominant, South Korea also occupy a small part.

although China toy industry overall performance is better than that of light industry, but it still faces many challenges. Fierce competition between the domestic toy manufacturers, cost competition is most prominent, weaken the toy industry overall profits. Manufacturers and land and labor costs continue to rise, make more and more pursuit of high efficiency production technology, the means of technology investment more and more important. Comprehensive consideration, lead to many manufacturers to consider more low-cost products.

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