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Intelligent toy manufacturers in mainland distribution area

by:YouRun     2020-11-06

at present our country is the intelligent toy production power, intelligent toy exports also occupy the vast majority, along with the development of society and science and technology, the Internet has brought intelligent toy industry, more and more mainland intelligent toy manufacturer to open up, the intelligent toy big brand as an introduction to the current domestic distribution intelligent toy manufacturer.

a: domestic intelligent toy manufacturers are mainly distributed region

1: shenzhen, dongguan

in extremely close to Hong Kong, guangdong province, is currently the world's largest production base of intelligent soft toys, some European and American intelligence toy manufacturers will come to shenzhen or dongguan to find intelligent toy toy manufacturer to customize or processing, the main is of good quality and high technology. Guangdong main intelligent toy factory in dongguan and shenzhen.

2: hebei

hebei is one of the greatest areas of plush toys, but is mostly family small manufacturer, lack of originality, mainly imitate, so relative price will be lower.

3: guangxi and hunan

some plush toy factory in guangdong began to move to a nearby two cities - Guangxi and hunan, the two cities meet the Europe and the United States of production standards. So these two places of plush toys quality is very good also.

4: henan

more and more returned to her hometown in henan people working abroad, with his own experience in the domestic business. Henan has many exquisite production technology, brings together the artisans of Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea.

5: shandong Qingdao

shandong Qingdao is the Japanese and south Korean brand high-end plush toys production base, not only has the original ability, but also in technology, fabric, colour collocation and production management has a very high standard.

world-renowned brand smart plush toys is located in dongguan, is a few real with independent brand of set design, development, production, sales and integration of large and medium-sized enterprises of intelligent toys. Developed pleasant goat and Wolffy, pig page, Peter pan, spider-man, kung fu panda, ice age squirrel, tigger, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, bacon bear a series of popular anime IP smart toys, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hong Kong international group.

20 years of production design scheme of intelligent toys, the introduction of Europe and the United States advanced production technology of intelligent toys, is well-known domestic independent chain brand in high-end smart toys, intelligent toys brand has been for the Olympic Games, winter games, the World Cup, European championship, 27 games provide services such as university games.

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