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In 2020 the new opportunities and development trend in the toy

by:YouRun     2020-11-09

new opportunities and development trend in the 2020 toys: each year, the Hong Kong toy industry conference organized by the Hong Kong toys during the exhibition will focus on industry pain points, difficult points, in January of this year's 'Hong Kong toy industry conference 2020' to 'boost competitiveness - - - - - - - Develop toys new opportunities 'as the theme, five major industry at home and abroad guests from different angles of 2020 toy market prospects are analyzed, and put forward the reference value extremely the Suggestions and opinions.

retail experience to toys

the Internet era, traditional toys retail channels to change in response to market changes? The answer is no. The rapid development of the online channel makes the traditional toys retail channels under enormous pressure, need to change to seek breakthrough. But industry also need to recognize that traditional toys retail channel has the advantages of online channels do not have one of the most important is to experience.

in addition to these software services, store design and ambience is also very important, such as for fun, nice toy with a unique shelf, attract the attention of children. Broadcast popular children like music, create a relaxed and happy atmosphere, etc.

the future toy industry transfer of pros and cons

industrial transfer is a hot topic in recent years, industry. Deling international has factories in China, Vietnam, to understand both toy production situation.

deling international main products are plush toys, rely on artificial is larger. Set up factories in Vietnam mainly focuses on the artificial cost is lower than China. But also faces many problems in artificial aspects, one is the labor flow. In recent years, Vietnam is developing manufacturing industry, the introduction of a lot of factory, which makes the workers have more choice. When other factories have better treatment, the worker will leave. This will cause certain influence to the production of the factory. Secondly, the increase in the minimum wage for workers in, factory production costs are also increasing. Third is the balance between production peak season and low season the number of workers is not easy.

in addition, the toy production not only see the artificial, and technology. Vietnam in some technology can meet the production requirements, but some are not. Also need to rely on China's lack of technology.

to solve these problems, the deling international strategy is to look for artificial cost competitive regions and have the advantage of a dense population area, set up a new factory. Currently planned in Cambodia, Indonesia, India, Burma to open factories.

green safe toys

after the European parliament re-election in 2019, climate change has become a priority for Europe. Industry development must be on the basis of green environmental protection safe. The same is true of the toy industry. From the point of last year the market situation, the European market pay more attention to the safety of toys. So-called security includes product design, materials, including networking security of intelligent toys. Toy companies need to pay attention to these problems also was 2020.

first of all, is the product safety issues. Now there are a lot of unsafe toys, many factories and production safety problems. In 2021 is expected to enact related safety instructions, new restrictions on the use of aluminum and formaldehyde.

second, is the data security problems. For networking toys can bring privacy problems, big risk through the new digital services act, children's application data protection guidelines such as make a standard way, clear bottom line connected to the toy safety.

in the end, is the environment. According to the European green deal, predict the eu may review toy safety guidelines and other relevant laws, or to ban toys in a sustainable material.

the future share platform for online marketing

in China, the online channel has become a very important channel for the toy sales. Foreign brands to develop the mainland market and expand into the need to focus on the online channel. And should seize online channels, you need to do a good job of online marketing.

2020 toy development trend of the new opportunities and in conclusion, must complete the online marketing in China, the need to use the APP vast Numbers of users, such as the trill, WeChat, baidu, etc. When a brand in the APP with name among consumers, product sales will be driven up.

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