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If for no other, just to solve three big pain points of modern parents

by:YouRun     2020-11-15

modern parents generally pressures in real life, with all my heart on the work, often ignored the importance of children education, or some parents even have time to education child, also do not know how to start, how to education good boy.

at present, modern parents three pain points:

1, the child's learning problems

2. The child's interests problem

3, the child's character development problem

based on the above problems, 18 years professional intelligent educational plush toys toy company the development of a toy and can solve the above three spot - Peter pan robot, the parents to bring huge of the Gospel.

first, Peter pan robots can solve the problem of children's learning, we send them, the children can follow rodek robot learn vast amounts of knowledge, knowledge at all levels, and covered with rodek the essence of learning English, math, Chinese, classical poetry, Chinese learning, can music appreciation, listening to stories, have encyclopedic knowledge, craigslist, and reverse learning, idioms solitaire, oh!

think about it, to give the child class: music, computer, mathematics computer classes, computer classes and English story to buy machine and tablet, etc. , these costs add up a lot! But if our rodek robot, can install, rodek interact with children learning, can improve the learning enthusiasm, children to master knowledge, daily have rodek robot company, child smart people.

to the problem of the child's interests are said that interest is the best teacher, children can make friends, together with his favorite rodek to cultivate his interest is to get twice the result with half the effort, of course!

for children's character, rodek can guide the children to do a good boy, optimistic positive upward can children with rodek troubles, can communicate with rodek dialogue, cultivate children's ability to live independently, can also with parents relatives and friends through rodek WeChat voice chat, is to accompany the child's good friend all the time, this to a child's character development play a critical role.

every good hope that through this modern children toys and modern parents to bridge the better communication, solve the parents three pain points at the same time, also can let the child body and mind healthy and happy growth!

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