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How to Upkeep the Plus Material of Plush Toys

How to Upkeep the Plus Material of Plush Toys


Nearly everyone know plush toys according it’s lovely and lifelike shape, soft touch felling and so on advantage to got girl and children’s deeply love. Many people more or less have cute plush toys in their home, also we just know the ordinary cleaning method, so we need to know how to upkeep plush toy’s plus material so that it can't be destroyed by some influence, and keep it’s softness and glossiness.

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The excellent fabric is very soft and smooth, be made into plush toy and dolls is quite comfortable, hold it in your bosom is particularly warm, but after long time, toys be crushed, pressed, destroyed during playing, especially lost it’s elasticity after washing, it’s difficult to reinstate original state. And toys fabric hygroscopicity is strong, if don’t let it dry in time, it’s very easy got toy’s fabric all in a Jumble. Don’t put it under sunshine directly when sun-cure them, also can let material discolored. 

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The right washing method is:try to avoid oppression when playing, if did, use hand comb neatly along the the direction of fabric in time, don’t overexert when washing, don’t twist wring after washed, use your hand press out moisture and airing it, choose a cool and ventilated place to airing, comb neatly fabric once again when the plush toy is half-dry. General try to use dry cleaning ways to clean plush doll, in this way, the elasticity and luster of the fabric of the plush toy can be well maintained.

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