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How to take care of plush toys?

by:YouRun     2021-03-26
Such a cute plush toy, are you willing to just throw it away after you play it once? If you want to keep the plush toy bright and bright, soft and comfortable for a long time, then you should learn how to maintain and take care of the plush toy . First of all, when placing it, try not to place it in direct sunlight. Plush toys cannot be exposed to the sun for a long time. For light-colored plush toys, the impact will not be so great, but for dark-colored plush toys, long-term exposure will cause the hair of the plush toy to fade. Secondly, due to the problem of the raw materials of plush plush toys, plush plush toys are more prone to dust. We have to brush with a soft brush regularly or irregularly to reduce bacteria; or take it to an open place and pat it lightly. You can also let the dust evaporate. Third, if the plush toy is dirty, but it is not so dirty that it must be washed with water, it is recommended to use coarse salt to clean it. Put the coarse salt and the dirty plush toy together in a larger plastic bag, and then put it in a larger plastic bag. Tighten the mouth of the bag. Shake vigorously for a period of time. You will surely find that the stuffed toy becomes clean, and the coarse salt that you took out turns gray-black. The principle is to make use of the adsorption effect of table salt, namely sodium chloride, on dirt. In addition to the coarse salt adsorption method, there are other methods. We have introduced how to clean plush toys before. You can check it out. Finally, all in all, if you want to make a plush toy completely clean, you still need to clean it regularly. Clean and take care of frequently to clean up harmful substances such as bacteria, mites, etc., so that your stuffed toy can play its role for a long time, and you or your family and friends can play with ease without worrying about bacteria and mites. Etc. cause skin irritation.
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