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How to sunscreen plush toys

by:YouRun     2021-03-19
After the Dragon Boat Festival, the sun is shining brightly, the hot sun is scorching the earth, and the temperature keeps rising. This kind of sunshine is exactly what the plush plush toys need. The regained water droplets evaporate quickly, and the strong ultraviolet rays make the mites and bacteria in the plush toy look new, clean and beautiful. Put the plush toy in the sun to dry, and use ultraviolet rays to effectively eliminate the mites and bacteria hidden in the plush toy. At the same time, high temperature can make the water evaporate. This way, the bacteria and mites cannot breed and multiply in the plush toy, which can effectively prevent it. The occurrence of various diseases, such as respiratory tract infections, skin allergies, and even reduce the incidence of asthma. The plush toys are clean, and children can play safely and healthily. So does this prove that the parents are doing the right thing? A warm reminder from plush toy manufacturers, plush toys need to be exposed to the sun, but not suitable for prolonged exposure. The following points need to be paid attention to by parents. 1. The sun is violent, and long-term exposure will cause chromatic aberration in dark plush toys. 2. Do not dry it through transparent materials such as glass. 3. It is best to pat the plush toy when drying, which will make the plush toy more fluffy. It is not possible to dry plush plush toys in the sun alone. It is best to wash them regularly or dry with coarse salt. In order to keep the plush toys safe and clean, and to improve our health, regular cleaning of the plush plush toys can effectively inhibit bacteria and mites.
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