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How to store plush toys?

by:YouRun     2021-03-31
For plush toy enthusiasts, when they see cute plush plush toys, their resistance is completely plummeted, and they will keep buying, especially children, who do all they can and vow to get them. Then the more plush toys are bought, the question arises, how to store so many plush toys? 1. The simplest and rude way to bed is to put the plush toy directly on the bed, but this method is only suitable for the situation where the bed is relatively large and the number is small. Warm reminder, if the plush toy is plush, and it is easier to shed hair, it is recommended not to put it on the bed. 2. The shelf beside the bed is to choose a place dedicated to placing the plush toys, which is easy to take, and the plush plush toys can be decorated. However, the disadvantage is that the accumulation of dust is serious, and it needs to be removed frequently, which tests whether the owner is industrious. 3. It is also good to use wall shelves to set up shelves or racks. However, the disadvantage is still the problem of dust accumulation. 4. In addition to placing the storage basket or storage box directly on the bed, this method is the simplest and most direct method. Putting all the plush toys in a storage basket or box at the same time solves the problem of dust, but it cannot show the cuteness of the plush toys. It may look messy when it comes out, but the space utilization rate is high. 5. Transparent storage method If your house is large enough, you can consider a cabinet with transparent materials such as glass doors. One can be used as a display cabinet, and the other can be dust. However, this method is relatively rich and expensive. 7. Hanging storage bag The storage bag is really super practical, and one grid can arrange the plush toys neatly. The facade space is also used for storage, and the space utilization rate is relatively high. However, there is still a dust problem. 8. Storage cages are now in foreign countries. Many plush toy lovers buy a storage cage and put the plush toys in it. Seeing a lot of plush toys trapped in cages, they thought this scene was so cute. If you are worried about dust accumulation, you can sew a cloth cover or customize a transparent bag and cover it on the surface. Recommended reading: How to clean plush toys
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