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How to remove mites from plush toys?

by:YouRun     2021-03-31

Although the plush toy is naive and cute, there are still people who find it undesirable, and some even list multiple sins for it. After the many sins of the plush toy, it is full of mites, which will endanger the child The health of consumers is also of general concern. Of course, we can't deny that because of the material, plush toys are more likely to attract mites, but just as our bed sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases, and clothes are also easy to attract mites, this problem is widespread and not completely insurmountable. . Today, I will take you to find out how to remove mites from plush toys! To remove mites from plush plush toys, we have to start from the conditions that mites can survive and reproduce. I believe everyone knows that mites do not like high temperatures and cannot withstand low temperatures, so we want to remove plush toys. The mites on the body can start from the two aspects of high temperature and low temperature. The first method: Exposure to the sun is understandable. The sun is the best disinfection tool. The poison here also envelops the mites we call. Just like we usually wash clothes and bed sheets, we also dry them in the sun. Like the baptism of sunlight, we can also use this method if we want to remove mites from plush toys. Regardless of whether the plush toys are cleaned or not, we can place them on the balcony to dry them regularly to eliminate mites with our eyes. The second method: freezing. Of course, not all plush toys are suitable for exposure, just like not all clothes are suitable for washing, so if we encounter some plush toys that are not suitable for exposure to the sun, how should we remove them What about the mites? In addition to high temperature sterilization, low temperature is also a good way. And when it comes to the most suitable low-temperature treatment method for home use, it is freezing! Of course, generally speaking, the refrigerator is the place where we store food. It is relatively clean and hygienic. Therefore, if you want to put the stuffed toy in the refrigerator, you must clean it first. In addition, we can also use a clean bag to first Pack the plush toys and put them in the refrigerator, so that the refrigerator can be kept hygienic.

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