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How to protect plush toys?

by:YouRun     2021-03-27
There is such a thing that always accompanies us, there is such a thing that shares our emotions, there is such a thing that can't speak but will always support you to persevere, this kind of thing is cute plush toy. We have put plush toys in the ranks of good friends. Therefore, it is our duty to protect our friends! Today, Plush will introduce you to the five protection rules for plush toys, just for the 'friends' around us to stay with us for a longer time. Regulations for the protection of plush toys: Keep away from sources of fire. The ignition point of plush toys is relatively low, whether they are fabrics or internal fillings, and they are all flammable items. Therefore, plush toys must not be near fireworks and places with dense circuits. In order to prevent the burning of the plush toy due to the escape of fire. Rules for the protection of plush toys: Keep away from pets Plush plush toys are not only cute toys for us, but also pet toys for pets. If you have pets at home, when you go out or leave, remember to put the plush toys out of their reach, otherwise you will regret it when you come back. Perhaps what you see is a torn apart plush toy, or a plush toy covered with pet saliva! Rules for the protection of plush toys: Stay away from food and drinks. Those who like plush toys must not leave your hands. Don’t hold them while eating. Sometimes accidentally, your beloved plush toys will stick to your body. To the food residue, it is difficult to clean. Moreover, the taste of food and beverages will attract the arrival of some bugs, breeding bacteria, plush toys themselves are the best place for bacteria to live, these bugs will not only eat your plush plush toys, but also will cause damage to your health. A big threat. Code four for the protection of plush toys: Avoid squeezing. Don’t just pile up stuff on plush toys because of their softness and flexibility, or stuff them into the cabinet randomly, and put them as pillows when you can’t sleep. Doing so for a long time will cause serious deformation of the plush toy and loss of elasticity of the inner filling. Rules for the protection of plush toys: Keep away from humidity, remember to put the plush toys in a dry and ventilated place, and never put them in a damp place, this will cause mold, once mold, the plush toys are difficult to clean up , And the clothes on the plush body will also change color. It can also be taken out occasionally to dry in the sun.
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